Ten-Forty International would like to invite you to an adventure of a life time.  God is doing wonderful things inside the Ten-Forty window.  Our goal is to see the Name of Jesus Christ glorified through out the world.  We hope we can be a help as you research the people groups and countries within this area of the world.

Ten Forty International is passionately committed to reaching Central Asia and the 10/40 window with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to translate the Word of God in the heart languages and to start national churches. We are deeply grateful for your heart towards missions and your desire to see the gospel be reached around the world. Our desire is that we experience the presence of the Lord in a special way and become deeply connected to His heart and passion to reach those who are still waiting.

With the Lord blessing our ministry we are committed to walk through the doors He makes available and trust that He will provide and send laborers and the finances needed. There are new projects that will demand greater commitment and greater sacrifice on our part. I trust you will join us on the journey whether it is through your personal involvement or your intercessory prayer for Ten-Forty International. There has never been a time when this work has been more urgent. The work of Bible Translation and Church Planting is vital to reaching the unreached. The importance of translating the word of God and planting of Churches cannot be

We want you to see the heart of Ten-Forty International. We want to inspire you and update you on our projects. We pray that the Lord will touch your heart for the unreached people groups of the world. We also pray that the Lord will bless you and prepare us all for this great work that needs to be done.